Monday, January 8, 2018

The Importance of Managing Your Online Reputation

In today's technologically dependent world, online presence is everything. Just a few bad reviews, typically written by total strangers who have never actually used the company's products or services, can ruin a company's reputation and have long-lasting repercussions. It's surprising how many business owners simply turn a blind eye to online reputation management, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best when it comes to good reviews. But, this is a mistake.

A Look at the Stats

One study by Invespro demonstrates more than adequately the dramatic impact negative reviews can have on a business's ability to attract new customers and clients. Its researchers discovered that 90 percent of consumers make it a point to read online reviews prior to contacting or visiting a business, and 88 percent of those surveyed stated they trust online reviews just as much as they do personal recommendations. In addition, 72 percent of survey respondents say that they're more willing to trust a business that has good reviews. Roughly 92 percent say they are more willing to use a local business's services if they have five-star ratings, and 72 percent of consumers will only patronize the business if it has positive reviews.

Keep it Positive

Many business owners believe that, as long as they are providing a valuable service and offer exceptional products and customer experiences, there's no need to check online reviews. Unfortunately, this just isn't true. Anyone can leave reviews on the internet, and people as diverse as disreputable competitors and random strangers just looking for a way to waste some time can wind up doing significant damage to a business's reputation. In fact, just one bad review can cost a business as many as 30 new customers, so it's essential to make sure those online reviews are positive.

Planning and Tracking

Online reputation management requires a good deal of strategic thinking and planning. Every review must be considered, and most of them must be responded to actively whether they are negative or positive. This process requires a good deal of time and expertise, which most business owners simply don't have.

An Easy Solution

One simple solution for business owners who just don't have it in the budget to pay an employee to spend time browsing the internet and tracking down reviews is to purchase online review management software. Learn more about this valuable tool online today.